Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lindsey Redfern- Keynote Speaker

Lindsey Redfern is an awesome lady. I first met this beautiful lady in real life at the adoption retreat last year. She made it through the storm of two boys who were sick. (what a trooper.) Then a long car ride, some adoption conferences, and a few late nights at The R House later. She became one of my peeps. Shes got a laugh that is absolutely contagious and she is known for being Heavy on the Bevvy.

Lindsey Redfern is a wife and a mom. She and her husband have two boys through the miracle of adoption and they enjoy open adoptions with each of their birth families. Lindsey is an avid adoption, infertility and Mommy Blogger at the r house. She and her husband run the adoption consulting firm, The R House Adoption Consultants. She is also a busy stay-at-home mom who runs The R House Couture an adoption themed hand-stamped jewelry business with her two best friends and is the Community Manager of the Webby award-winning podcast MommyCast. In addition to being interviewed by countless blogs, podcasts, magazines and TV shows, Lindsey has also worked as the Community Manager for Adoption Voices helping the community launch, has served as the Community Outreach Chair for her local Families Supporting Adoption (FSA) chapter, served on the National Board for FSA while running the National FSA Blog and covering the Southeast Region. She is an active member of the Utah Adoption Council (UAC). Lindsey holds an undergraduate degree in Education from Brigham Young University and enjoyed teaching elementary school before her children came into her life.

Joshua H. Redfern, LCSW--Keynote Speaker

Joshua Redfern is one of my all time favorite people in the adoption world. He is totally awesome! I can't believe how dedicated he is to making a difference in the adoption world. I was so excited he and his beautiful wife agreed to present.

Joshua Redfern is the father of two boys that were blessed to him and his wife through adoption. He earned an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Social Work from Brigham Young University. Josh is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) that specializes in adoption and is also a mental health therapist for family service programs in his area. He has been involved in numerous adoptions on all sides of the process, has facilitated expectant parent and birth parent groups, run addiction therapy groups, organized and presented adoption orientation and education classes, has presented at national and regional conferences for Families Supporting Adoption (FSA) as well as presented to church congregations on adoption and mental health issues, is an active member of the Utah Adoption Council (UAC) and a member of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW). Josh and his wife run the adoption consulting firm, The R House Adoption Consultants. He is an avid BYU sports fan (but can still work with congenially with University of Utah fans) and a wannabe chef. Josh is fluent in Spanish.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Daniel Babcock- Birthparent Panel

Daniel was raised the oldest son of 10 children. A bit of a renaissance type, he enjoys many things; he has been active in the arts including Vocal Performance and Theatre, he loves playing and watching Football and Basketball and is an avid BYU Fan. Daniel loves the outdoors and spent his summers during high school as a fishing guide in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada. He loves to mountain bike, hike, backpack and camp, and has a large garden and fruit orchard. Daniel loves to tinker and fix things and has gained the nick name ‘Wizard’ from his children due to his ability to repair and create most anything. There are very few things that Daniel has tried that he does not like. He loves the fulfillment that comes with physical labor as well as enjoying mental challenges. After almost ten years of entrepreneurialism and being the General Manager for a large Real Estate Firm in Ogden He has finally settled on his dream career and is currently a Seminary Teacher in Pleasant View, Utah. 

His mission for the LDS Church to Wellington New Zealand transformed his life! “My mission was like going into warp-speed I went in somewhat aimlessly and came out focused fixed and determined to serve the Lord and all the people I could. It just changed me forever.” Upon returning home from his mission, he somehow got into BYU where he met the girl of his dreams, Hannah Elizabeth. They have been married 13 years 8 months and 10 days. “By far the best years of my life, and only getting better”, Daniel and Elizabeth are the parents of 6 children, 3 sons and 3 daughters. They currently teach their children in the home and have founded the Hinckley Academy, for families who home-school in the Weber County area. The Babcock families’ latest venture is with LaMancha Dairy Goats ( their small herd has been recognized as one of the premier LaMancha herds in the state of Utah. 

Daniel met his birth daughter Alexandria Rowley for the first time 19 months ago. “It has been a miraculous experience.” He is so grateful to the Rowley, Greenwell and Wright Family who made possible this joyous reunion.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Biography #3- Jennifer Larkin

Jennifer Larkin is going to be on the adoptive couple panel representing Foster Care Adoptions.

Jennifer Larkin is the mother of 2 BEAUTIFUL adopted daughters, and her ADORABLE foster son will be joining their eternal family within the next few weeks. Albeit rare, she shares an open relationship with both birthmothers and enjoys spending time with them. She serves on her local FSA board and is also a Foster Parent Ambassador. She loves volunteering her time to help spread the good word about the tender mercies of foster care! When she is not wrestling three rambunctious toddlers, she enjoys photography, digital scrapbooking, spending time with extended family, and playing a good game of Super Mario Bros with her sweet husband.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

David Rowley

David will be on the adoptive couple panel. I have only met him a few times but he always has a smile on his face. I am so excited to have him come to the retreat!!
David Rowley was born in Fillmore, Utah on November 25, 1952. He attended BYU and UTC in Provo and has worked in construction for over 30 years. He enjoys the outdoors, camping, going to the cabin with family, four-wheeling and boating. He is the father of three adopted children (one of which who will be speaking at the retreat) who love him very much. His wife is the most gorgeous woman on Earth, and they've been blissfully married for almost 30 years.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Biography #1 - Alexandria Rowley

Until we get to the time of the retreat we will be posting Biographies on here of all the speakers. This first one is Alexandria Rowley and she will be speaking during lunch. She is an amazing girl and her smile and upbeat attitude is captivating. Alex is an adoptee. Her birthfather and her adoptive father will also be on panels! Here is her biography.

Alexandria Rowley is 19 and currently works at the Bank of Utah Trust and Investment Department in Ogden. She loves her life as an adopted child and very much enjoys spending time with her family. Music, especially singing, is a huge part of her life. She loves to cook, do anything outdoors and talk. Her favorite things in life are her family, her beliefs, love, music and food.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Updated Details!

When: March 18-19th
18th: 6:00 pm-whenever we get tired. (no childcare but feel free to bring your kids) 19th: 9:30 am - about 1:00

Where: Hampton Inn and Suites in Orem (right off I-15 across from UVU)
 (It will be in the conference room. If you need somewhere to stay you can stay here. Make sure to tell them you are with the retreat. If you can't afford it email me and I have several people who are willing to lend their houses out)

Friday : Mix and Mingle (this was one of my favorite parts of last year! Share your stories and get to know eachother; also first chance to buy raffle tickets)

9:30 - Breakfast, Welcome, Keynote by Lindsey Redfern 
10:15 - Adoptive Couple Panel (1 foster care-Jennifer Larkin, 1 domestic adoption Mr. Rowley, 1 international adoption- Ashley Hansen Bigler)
11:30-Lunch (during lunch we will have a speaker, and adoptee named Alex Rowley
12:00 - Birthmother Panel
12:45- Raffle

Again. You do not have to have already adopted, really anyone interested in learning about adoption is welcome. You also are not required to come with a spouse.

PLEASE RSVP to by February 18th. If there is someone who needs to RSVP late that is okay...its just easier for planning if you RSVP early.

Also we need to get a 15 dollar deposit to paypal (if you don't have it email me) by Feb 18th as well so we can reserve a few of the things.

Thanks again! So excited to meet so many of you!!