Monday, March 19, 2012

RSVP and pricing changes

Because i was a dunce and didn't realize it was General conference this weekend we have made some changes to pricing. .

If you will be gone Friday...due to the priesthood sesh....but still want to come saturday (we will be done by 2 for the afternoon sesh) The price will only be 30.00!!This is a STEAL!!

Go here to RSVP for the event! And as always EMAIL me with questions and i can help you out!

Thursday, February 23, 2012


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There will be an Adoption Retreat in Orem,UT on MARCH 30-31st, 20012.

This Retreat IS geared mostly towards Adoptive Couples....HOWEVER.... we had several birthparents and a few adoptees last year and they loved it!

Here is our Tentative Schedule
Friday Night:
5:30 -- Arrival
6-6:15-- Keynote--Alex Rowley --Adoptee
6:15-Whenever -- Mix and Mingle

9:15-9:45--Keynote : Tiffany Baugh -- An Adoptee and Birthmom
9:45-10:30--Lindsey and Josh Redfern--Advice through the process, face 2 face, and preparation for placements
10:30-11:30--Adoptive Couple Panel--Ashley-International Adoption, Jenn-Foster Adoption, Josh-Domestic Adoption, Leisha-Older Child Adoption
11:30-12:15--Lunch and Musical Number by Alex Rowley
12:15-1:15--Birthmom Speaker(s) Gina Crotts
1:15-2--Closing and Raffle

IF you RSVP to FACEBOOK or Email
by March 1st the price is only 
40 dollars per couples (5 dollars extra for childcare)
25 dollars per person

Hope to see lots of you there!!! 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


We had to change the date to
MARCH 30-31st!!!!

Please PLEASE 
Rsvp either on Facebook or

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Josh Redfern and Lindsey Redfern--What to Expect and Preparation

Lindsey Redfern is a wife and a mom. She has two boys brought into their life through the miracle of adoption. Tyson is four and Gavin is three. They enjoy an open relationship with both of their boys' birth mothers (and one birth father!) and love having them in their home. Lindsey loves being an open adoption advocate and adoption blogger where she writes as "Mrs. R." She and her husband created an adoption consulting firm called The R House Adoption Consultants where they help members of the adoption triad have the best experience possible. 
Previously, Lindsey has worked as the community manager for helping launch the community and has served on local and national boards for Families Supporting Adoption (FSA). She has been interviewed by countless bloggers, magazines, and online newspapers. She's appeared on several news and morning talk shows in Utah bringing awareness to the adoption and infertility community. She is currently on the community manager and co-owner of The R House Couture, a shop specializing in gifts of hope. A survivor of infertility, ICPC, an adoption scam, a contested adoption and a failed placement plan, her passion is to help others understand the hope that adoption provides to all members of the adoption triad and the blessings of open adoption.

Josh Redfern’s biggest claim to fame is that he's the husband of Lindsey Redfern of He is the father of two young boys that were blessed to him and his wife through adoption. He loves to play with his children and watch great TV with his wife. He is an avid BYU sports fan as well. Josh earned a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Social Work from Brigham Young University. He has practiced social work in adoption work and therapy for over 4 years and currently has an active License of Clinical Social Work in the state of Utah. He and his wife recently started The R House Adoption Consultants, LLC that provides adoption-related services and education to couples, attorneys and adoption agencies. He is also a therapist and supervisor at Child and Family Empowerment Services in Salt Lake City.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

We have a DATE and a LOCATION

April 20-21st

April 20--6pm-whenever you get tired :) (mix and mingle...keynote by Alex Rowley-an adoptee)
April 21--9am-2:30pm (keynotes by Tiffany Baugh, Lindsey and Joshua Redfern)

50 dollars a couple
5 dollars extra for childcare--total NOT PER CHILD

Hampton Inn and Suites in Orem. Just off of the University PKWY exit!!

Reserve your spot NOW

Saturday, January 21, 2012

2012 Retreat

Its a coming!! It is going to be epic!!

I have many plans for this retreat and I am super stoked. We will have a for sure date by the end of next week!! Hopefully a for sure location as well!!

I am very excited to meet more people and hopefully see everyone we did last year!! I know some of you were able to adopt! We hope to meet your new little ones as well.

So keep up with the bloggy and let me know if you would like to be on the email list for updates :)

email me at if you have any wonderful ideas or feedback. also if you have an idea for a cheap location PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!!